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What we are doing?

What we are doing?

Why travel if you wouldn’t visit the country? Taking tours is a great way to see the country and get firsthand information about the history therein. We are a company dedicated to seeing that you get the see the best sites in the city whenever you choose to go on tour. We offer a variation of tours and some of our tours include:

  • Daily city tours
  • Shore excursion
  • Multi-day tours
  • Walking tours
  • Food tours

You can join our daily city tours in groups, or you hire a private tour guide to make your trip personal. Have an incredible time while learning all about old Kingdoms, awesome mosques/churches history and sailing the oceans.

On our shore excursions, you take a step off the regular paths and explore the world in a fresh new way. Take a beach break and relax. We take you snorkeling too if you’re up to swimming with dolphins and turtles.

Our multi-day tours range from two days to three days or more depending on your budget. You get to see it all, sand beach, waterfalls, lagoons, and glaciers, etc. We will look out for the lights from ships in the ocean during the nights. While walking during the tour, you make new friends on the trail. Your guide remains with you round the clock so you’ll receive plenty of attention from them.

Walking tours do not only include our tour guides taking you on long hikes across the city’s finest parks and sights, but we also take long bike rides around the city, you take a breath of fresh air, see the different culture and people.

Food tours are most likely the best kinds as we take you to see the famous restaurants in the city, you get to taste various recipes and inquire about them. Discover savory and mouth-watering dishes in the city as our culinary guides unveil the stories behind local eateries and their famous recipes. Along the way, you’ll also learn about history, culture, and tradition behind the dishes. With so many foods to try and it’s hard to get started alone, allow us to guide you to the best dishes and connect you to the best local chefs in the city. We plan, you explore, enjoy and eat your fill, it’s every foodie’s dream tour.

Your accommodation and feeding – Your accommodation and feeling are an integral part of the experience, we take care of everything for you which generally ranges from finding the best tours in a region to dinner, we do all these so that you can enjoy. Each day, you’ll take a refreshing morning walk with your group or your personal tour guide, there is included a lunch pack along the trail, and you go on more explorations in the afternoon. Afternoon, you’ll be taken back to your hotels to relax before a delicious multi-course meal at a local restaurant. We make sure to choose locally owned comfortable hotels and restaurants that will leave a lasting impression.

Our tour guides aren’t just experts about the region you’ll be exploring. They are indigenous; it is their home and of course, we all love our home and want to show off so they’ll take you to the best places ever. They’ll take you to the people, places that make their city special, tell your histories and traditions about their home.


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